Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity has become a goal for almost all organizations. And, it is no surprise because it is not a simple topic. A company can easily fill positions with all kinds of different people but that does not ensure they will work together with mutual respect and acceptance. Simply placing people in a room together does not create an environment for inclusion.

Gail Rudolph Collaborative uses research showing that divisions between races, genders, ability, cultures, age, etc. arise out of an automatic response. Our minds are set up to think in an “Us versus Them” response. Our inherent subconscious mind has us constantly taking sides, which leads people to hyper-moralize and engage in hyper-judgment. Our brains have triggers that cause us to react in a manner similar to Pavlov’s dogs and we are not even aware these responses are happening. No human is immune to this inherent process that is rooted in our brain’s function.

These subconscious oversights are solidified because we are surrounded by pervasive policies, institutions, and systems that disproportionately favor some while ignoring or failing to serve others. It is not enough to say “we are not biased;” shifting to a place of true inclusion and diversity is embracing an anti-biased mindset. An anti-biased mindset is defined as a process of actively identifying and opposing a “Them” mentality by changing policies, behaviors, and beliefs that perpetuate “Us VS Them” ideas and actions.

Our customized training programs will cover how you can use Diversity and Inclusion to:

Build awareness

Establish empathy

Produce opportunity


What PEOPLE Are Saying

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The training and awareness of your people is the cornerstone to ensure that diversity of all kinds is embraced. This creates an inclusive workplace where every person feels welcomed and accepted as a unique individual. Labeling and generalization are cast aside and colleagues instead look for similarities to connect them instead of differences that divide. The power of inclusivity reminds us that we are all a part of the same team – Team Human.