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We have people ask us all the time, “What if I invest in my people and they leave?” Our reply is always the same, “It could be worse! You could NOT invest in them and THEY STAY.” We understand that in order to achieve success at the highest level, it is not what happens to a team but what happens through them that makes all the difference. You can’t afford to let your best asset – your people- go undeveloped.

The Walt Disney Company is famous for having a test on their employment exam: 9 Dots in a 3×3 matrix that need to be connected by 4 lines WITHOUT lifting the pen off the paper.

The answer is commonly known these days as the “Think Outside the Box” test. By drawing lines past the edges of the 3×3 matrix you can accomplish this task.

Many people taking the test saw the box as a limitation. However, the test-takers who did not see the box as a limitation drew outside of it. They did not have the self-limiting belief that the box was made of hard, impenetrable walls.

Many teams and leaders have similar views about accomplishing their goals and becoming a fully collaborative team. Lack of training and understanding solutions to common issues that teams face holds them back and impose the belief that these struggles are hard, impenetrable walls that their team will never be able to overcome.

Every team has unique challenges. This is why you should never risk giving them incorrect solutions or worse yet, no solutions at all.

Gail Rudolph Collaborative team training is based on scientifically proven research which provides real proven solutions that build on the strength of your team ensuring your organization and the people in it continue to grow and perform at their highest level. Our attendees continually say, “Thanks for the tools you gave us that we can actually implement.”

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