Science of Success

In everything we do, effective influence skills are essential. 

Want your ideas implemented? You must influence others to act on them. Want more clients? You must influence people to buy from you. Want more advancement or responsibility? You must influence others to see the value of what you offer. And to be effective, you must be able to influence others by creating long-lasting relationships, mutual trust, and commitment.

But most of us don’t know how to accomplish this or where to start.


Those days are over!

We are delighted to offer the Science of Influence.  It teaches in-depth and renowned research that explores universal human tendencies that cross cultures, generations, and time. These powerful techniques can be taught, learned, and implemented quickly. Their straightforward application will increase the likelihood of someone saying “yes” to your request by 300 – 400%.

This program is like no other because it is built on a combination of Generational differences, the Science of Persuasion, and the book Power Up and Power Down to harness the energy in every interaction. 

You have never seen a results-oriented program like this before, and you will never see another like it.

Science of Success is structured to give you easy-to-apply tools for every situation. You will understand how to use scientific research-based principles and techniques to master every situation and opportunity strategically. 

In this course you will learn the entire Influence process, tools, and techniques to make you successful in every interaction. It will show you how to establish absolute certainty in the minds of others so they know that you and your idea are their best solution. 

In Science of Success, we uncover in depth how to activate and amplify the following research-based tools through both your verbal and non-verbal communication.

  • Dr. Cialdini’s, “Godfather of Influence,” seven principles of persuasion. These principles appear to be deceivingly simple. You will learn that application that makes all the difference.
  • Power dynamics in the workplace are a given. The power imbalance often leads to feeling frustrated, undervalued, and overlooked, impacting both self-esteem and the bottom line. For those feeling alone and unsure how to respond,  you will be provided specific strategies to reclaim control and identify proven ways to create a ‘win-win” outcome.
  • You will learn the six distinctive toxic personalities and how to manage them through power dynamics to create optimal outcomes for everyone involved. This course teaches you how to identify and minimize a Toxic Pollinator, Snaker, Insulter Offloader, Info Horder, the Negatron, and Swoop and Poop.
  • Generation gaps are invisible – until we need to interact with someone of a different generation. And that’s when the chasm appears. This proprietary, customized, and comprehensive Generational Awareness Program (GAP) offers real solutions to your problems in the modern multi-generational workplace. Discover and enhance your understanding of each generation’s traits and tendencies and how they intertwine with your personality style and generation.

Now is the time to learn these easy-to-apply tools for every situation. Then, you can use scientific research-based principles and techniques to master every situation and opportunity strategically to create Win-Win outcomes.

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