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Official Biography

Gail Rudolph is the acclaimed author of Power Up Power Down, How to Reclaim Control and Make Every Situation a Win/Win, which has reached best-selling status on both the USA Today and Wall Street Journal lists. Through her book, Gail guides readers in discovering how to leverage their interpersonal power and navigate power dynamics in any situation. Power Up Power Down is praised by New York Times best-selling author Tim Enochs, who says, “This book truly has the power to change your life.”

As a certified instructor of the seven universal Principles of Persuasion, based on the research of “The Godfather of Influence” Dr. Robert Cialdini, Gail holds a distinguished position among only 13 individuals worldwide, standing out as one of two women and the only woman in the United States, with this accolade.

Gail’s professional expertise spans consulting, executive coaching, authorship, and training, with a rich background in C-Suite leadership across diverse organizations. She possesses a master’s degree in Human Services Administration, a bachelor of science in Psychology, and a Leadership Certification from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Additionally, Gail is a recognized Value-Based Leadership Expert, Wiley DISC Consultant, and Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE), and hasdeveloped and trademarked several proprietary training programs and assessments.

As the visionary CEO and founder of Gail Rudolph Collaborative, Gail empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to maximize their impact by facilitating pivots, growth, and transcendence of past achievements. Renowned internationally for her insights in sales, fundraising, generational dynamics, influence, leadership, interpersonal power dynamics, customer service, team building, mindset, and diversity, equity and inclusion, Gail is dedicated to helping others become positive “agents of change.”


Gail has appeared as a guest on numerous podcasts and TV shows, been interviewed for a variety of articles and presented as a speaker at a number of events. We invite you to access these and other resources at the link below.